Whether you think of your team is a small group or the entire organization, alignment is critical to high performance.  In fact, it is very difficult to achieve success without Strategic Alignment.

What is alignment? It is getting everybody on the same page about where the organization is going and why as well as how we plan to get there.

Why is alignment so important?  Because it creates the context within which people do their work.  Without context work is just a series of activities with merely one outcome for the employee; do it or get into trouble.

How do you align everyone?  Obviously it requires effective communication.  But it is not enough just to communicate information.  You need to be able to communicate both understanding and meaning because without these two elements people are likely to be informed but not aligned.  BIG difference!

Three Steps to Aligning your Team

  1. Meet with the staff to ask some key questions about where the organization is going and why.  That’s right ask questions… not make statements that tell them what you want them to know.
  2. Summarize the key point from the dialogue. You will be surprised about how much they know about the purpose and vision of the organization.  The difference is that it is now in “their voice”. This is Critically Important!
  3. Use this information when discussing strategies, goals, changes etc. so that people can connect the dots between what the organization is doing to get where it is going.  That’s alignment!

You can get a much more descriptive understanding of how to facilitate this process by downloading my FREE 30 page e-book “Get A.G.R.I.P. on Business Performance”.