There are a number of studies available that clearly state that if you want to engage people you need to involve people.  Some organizations see involvement from the perspective of “we figure out what needs to be done and you do it”.  This has been a common approach that you have to admit works to some degree since the US is one of the most productive nations in the world.

However, high performance is rarely, if ever, achieved through this method.  If you want to blow out the current level of performance try this…

  • Align people with the purpose and strategies of your business or work group.
  • Involve people in understanding the current level of performance and establishing improvement goals.
  • Focus people on the aspects of their job that make the most difference in achieving these goals.
  • Coach people to higher levels of performance rather than disciplining them for mistakes.
  • Post performance data where it is visible to all staff and update it as frequently as possible.

If you would like a more in depth “how to” of these 5 steps just download this 30 page e-book Get A GRIP on Business Performance.