Do you know what your job is?

Sounds like a silly question right?  When I ask people this question I usually get responses that are geared toward the things they do each day.  That’s close… but no cigar.  People are not hired to do things. First and foremost they are hired to add value.  The way they usually add value is by doing the things that they are hired to do… also known as work.  There is a big difference between doing things and adding value.  Without the context of a clear purpose “work” is just a series of meaningless activities… that can go wrong.

People who are consciously aware of what to do, how to do it and why they are doing it are in a position to make choices that make things go right and deliver higher value.

Ever have something go wrong and have an employee say “it’s not my fault I did what I was supposed to do”.  This infers that they were “supposed” to do something incorrectly by design.  On the other hand, we also know that employees who understand the purpose of their role often see things going in the wrong direction and  choose a different “thing to do” with the intention of producing a better outcome.  Are your staff members performing tasks or adding value?

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